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Tips & Advice


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Always have a Michigan map handy. Don’t always rely on your cell phone or GPS…we made that mistake in the U.P….we wandered around for an hour or so before finding a gas station that luckily sold maps.


Take time to talk to the “locals” in the town or city you are visiting. Most likely, they can guide you to places you would normally never know about. …and tell you about places to avoid!


Keep your car loaded with emergency essentials; blankets, road flares, first aid kit, flashlights (with extra batteries), water (and/or water purifier/filter), snacks (like beef jerky, nuts, something with long shelf life), jumper cables or jump starter, cell phone charger, duct tape, change of clothes, fire extinguisher, multi-tool, knife, matches or lighter, tools, medication, etc. Never know when you may need one of these items.


If you see something that looks interesting…stop. Just do it…if not, you’ll regret it later.


Crime Prevention & Safety –

Keep your vehicle doors locked when you are in and out of your vehicle.  

Remove or hide all valuables – don’t leave opportunity for anyone.

Don’t stop for stranded motorists, call 911 and let the professionals assist.

Watch for gas pump and ATM skimmers while traveling…they’re out there.


Use an App like Trip Advisor to find reviews on hotels, restaurants, things to do, etc. We use it constantly everywhere we go and we also write reviews ourselves because they are very useful.


Take photos...lots of them!


Start a travel journal. Write down the great places you've been, the people you've met and so on. Share with family and friends. Plus, it will be fun to read 10-20 years down the road. ...and perhaps revisit those same places. 


Please, please always leave a place exactly like you found it. Clean up your messes, don’t leave items behind, don’t destroy or deface anything. Help teach your kids about respecting the land, parks, history and to protect this state’s beauty.


Share your stories and photos of your trips throughout Michigan on Facebook…and especially Our Michigan Travels Facebook page. We’d love to experience your wonderful travels.


Enjoying every mile of it!


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