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About Us

The state of Michigan, hands down, the best state in the country. We’ll argue that statement until the day we die. Born and raised in the Mitten state. We have a love and passion for Michigan and we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves, so we thought we’d share it.


Our Michigan Travels started a few years ago as a simple blog about a few trips we took around the state. A few years later, OMT has grown into something bigger and better…and the hope is, it will continue to grow. With the growth our hope is to get as many people involved as possible…either with buying a t-shirt or sharing their stories of their own Michigan travels.


Who are we? Well, we are the Smelker’s; Jerrod and Shana. Currently in our mid-forties and in relatively good health and sound mind. We live in Grand Blanc (just South of Flint) with our cats (and sometimes our three kids when they're around). We have a passion for hopping in the SUV and heading out into the wonderful state of Michigan. Our goals are always to experience new places and meet interesting people. We love cider mills, pumpkin patches, cigars and pipes, wineries, good craft beer and hard ciders, breweries, coffee shops, kitschy shops, quaint towns, ice cream shops, beaches, festivals, all of the great lakes, museums, restaurants, history, and scenic views…all of the things that make Michigan so magnificent.


Shana is a self-taught, self-motivated “photog”…photo hobbyist and loves to take pictures wherever we go…and that includes a lot of selfies. :) Mostly to capture the moments of all our wonderful trips and act as a reminder and timeline for the great adventures we have had. We love looking back at the photographs a few years later to reflect on the trip. We also have many of them hanging on our walls at home.


On our adventures we like to purchase coffee mugs either from a coffee shop we love or ones that have some form or saying of the state of Michigan. We have about a dozen or so and as our trips grow in numbers, so will our collection. We also collect coasters and sand from all of the beaches we visit.


We do a lot of reviews for Trip Advisor (and Facebook) on most of the places we go and the things we do. We rely on Trip Advisor quite a bit for advice on where to go and things to try. So by writing reviews, it’s our small way of giving back. Plus, we think the businesses deserve recognition for doing great work.

"Enjoying every mile of it!"



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